Legal Growth Hormones Vs. Not Legal Growth Hormones

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Growth Hormones refers to a hormone found in the body. In most cases it refers to Human Growth Hormone or HGH. We've all got it; it's just that some of us don't have enough. When a child has a deficiency in HGH they will experience stunted growth or development. Adults who have deficient levels of HGH experience different symptoms that can be just as severe.

Adults who have a deficiency in or low level of HGH seem to look for whatever solution is readily available. They want a solution right NOW! This will often result in individuals mistaking a good solution for a bad one because they are in a hurry. The most important differences between legal Growth Hormones and Growth Hormones that are not legal are:

Illegal Growth Hormones:

1. Generally administered by injection

2. Have potentially severe side effects

3. Can leave the body unable to produce and secrete adequate levels of HGH when treatment ceases

4. Are generally a prescription level Growth Hormone administered with no prescription; a doctor is not involved even though a doctor's involvement is required for use

Legal Growth Hormones:

1. Generally...they are either prescribed by a physician or are homeopathic

2. Legal injections have far less risk for harmful side effects due to accurate dosing and careful monitoring and Homeopathic HGH has no known side effects

3. Causes no damage to hormone levels/balances

Growth Hormones injections of any kind of the potential for side effects, but when an individual is taking them illegally the chances for permanent damage from likely side effects increases drastically. Without proper administration and regulation they can do far more damage than good.

Accessing legal Growth Hormones is easy. Homeopathic legal Growth Hormones are readily available through reputable outlets. Many products are available for online purchase with quick and easy delivery right to the door of the buyer. Simple instructions allow every buyer to maximize their treatment results safely and effectively.

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Lisa Smithers found out about HGH imbalances the hard way. She struggled with the myriad symptoms for years before stumbling upon Growth Hormones Direct.

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Legal Growth Hormones Vs. Not Legal Growth Hormones

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