Legal Growth Hormones Vs. Not Legal Growth Hormones

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Growth Hormones often refers to Human Growth Hormone or HGH. HGH is a natural element in the body; all humans have it. It is produced and secreted by the pituitary gland. Many have low levels of HGH or even deficient levels of HGH. Children with low or deficient HGH may experience stunted growth or even delayed sexual development. Adults experiencing low or deficient levels of HGH will see different symptoms altogether since the majority of their new growth occurred during the childhood and adolescent years.

Many adults with a deficiency will take up with the first treatment that is offered to them. They don't do their research properly. They are in a hurry to get the problem fixed. This can lead to further complications. There are legal Growth Hormones and there are illegal Growth Hormones. There are simple ways to differentiate between the two:  

Illegal Growth Hormones:

1. Generally administered by injection

2. Have potential for very severe side effects

3. Can leave the body unable to produce and secrete adequate levels of HGH when treatment ceases

4. Are generally a prescription level Growth Hormone administered with no prescription or doctor consultation

Legal Growth Hormones:

1. Generally...they are either prescribed by a physician or are homeopathic

2. Legal injections have far less risk for harmful side effects due to accurate dosing and careful monitoring and Homeopathic HGH has no known side effects

3. Causes no damage to hormone levels/balances

On top of the potential harmful side effects that can come with Growth Hormone injections of any kind, there are the added harmful side effects that can come with illegal Growth Hormones use. Illegal Growth Hormones are generally not regulated properly and in some cases...not at all. And on top of the potential harmful side effects and the possibility for impure substances, there is also the risk of legal trouble whenever you are dealing with an illegal substance.

Accessing legal Growth Hormones is actually much easier than accessing illegal Growth Hormones. The problem comes in a lack of knowledge. Individuals who are looking for the benefit of Growth Hormones can easily access homeopathic products that provide a wealth of benefits.

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Legal Growth Hormones Vs. Not Legal Growth Hormones

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This article was published on 2010/09/28